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How a Squirrel Makes a Friend - Children's Book

How a Squirrel Makes a Friend - Children's Book

This is a book I made in high school for a creative writing class. Originally it was made by cutting out colored construction paper, but I decided to re-draw it a couple years ago for my cousin Kelly.



I drew this comic for Des Moines Paleo, a meetup group I go to once a month. Check us out on Meetup and Facebook.

Happy Birthday Travis

My friend Travis wanted an illustration of Teddy Roosevelt Riding a Unicorn into Battle against a T-Rex with Lasers on its back and Jesus being crucified in the background. This is what I came up with.

Happy Birthday Travis!

I designed the back of this seasons Iowa Barnstormers schedules.

They have a link to a flash animation I did. CLICK HERE to check it out.

Barnstormers Schedule

Iowa Barnstormers Background