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Prevent Childhood Abuse Iowa Brochure/Infographic Design

Prevent Childhood Abuse Iowa Brochure/Infographic Design

In May of this year I signed up for Design Assign. I heard about it through a work email at the GIADC.

Design Assign is a collaborative partnership that gives back to the greater Des Moines area community through design. Alongside AIGA Iowa, area creatives will use their talents to provide local non-profit organizations with communications products that can help raise awareness and funds.

In June, I got paired with Prevent Child Abuse Iowa to design a brochure/flier.

Since 1975, Prevent Child Abuse Iowa has led child abuse prevention efforts in Iowa through advocacy, awareness and assistance. PCA Iowa is the only statewide organization dedicated to preventing child abuse and the only consistent voice for child abuse prevention during the state legislative session. The organization manages state and federal grant programs, which contribute financial support to community groups that provide services to families.

I met with Sarah from PCA Iowa and we went over the information that needed to be in the brochure. I then organized all that information and sketched a layout.

The goal was to develop a communications toolkit for community groups and organizations to use in sharing an important study on the correlation between adverse childhood experiences and adult well being. I designed a professional look for the toolkit, as well as an enticing and easy-to-digest brochure on the subject.

We love the end result and are already using it, including at a recent conference with more than 700 attendees!
— Sarah Welch from PCA Iowa


Riley helped us turn our vision for an easy-to-read brochure about The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study into something far more engaging than we ever imagined. Beyond his technical graphic design skills, he offers many talents in working on collaborative marketing projects including generating ideas, seeking and incorporating feedback, and coming up with solutions to difficult tasks. We appreciate the creativity and energy he brought to this project and hope to work with him again on future projects.
— PCA Iowa

I am presenting this at the Design Assign 3rd Annual Culmination Gala on October 23rd at 6 along with the other volunteers and their non-profits.


Guy In A Dinosaur Costume

Guy In A Dinosaur Costume

Guy In A Dinosaur Costume shirt design

My work held a design contest for our softball team "Guy In A Dinosaur Costume". My friend Derek Mit sketched the guy and I took it and designed it up. There was a 2 color limit so I did white and neon green. We didn't win :(

Save the Date!

I designed the save the dates for my wedding. I just gave my camera to Alyssa's mom with the right settings at a local park. Our colors are black, red and white so this was pretty easy. We bought 100 4x6s at Walgreens for 15 cents.

Save the Date