I have been reading a bunch of studies about how sitting at a desk all day takes years off of your life. So I figured I should at least have a standing desk at home since I can't have one at work. This was the cheapest solution I could find for the size I wanted. I checked IkeaHackers and the closest I could find was going to be $230. What I ended up making is pretty nice so far. Just two wire shelves that were $40 each and then two 2x8's that were on sale for $7 each. The planks are just laying on the shelves right now, but eventually I am going to attach them with wire somehow. The planks bent a little in the middle when they were going edge to edge, so I moved the shelves closer together and have the planks go up against the wall on the right, which ended up looking nice.  Right now all I have is the Macbook Pro, but I built this with an iMac in mind, with the iMac on the top shelf and the keyboard on the bottom. When I get that I will need to get a bracket attached to the wall for more support.