The Walking Dead is one of me and my wife's favorite shows to watch together. I started reading this during their winter break from new shows. This book is so heavy to read in bed, It is about 3 inches thick. That was the worst part about it, everything else was good. A similar feel to the show but the stories and characters are so different between the show and the book that I am going to be confused once the show starts up again. It is a little cheesier since it is a comic book and all the zombies make "unggghh" sounds and the guns go "BANG!" but in other cases it is darker and grittier than the show with some pretty gruesome scenes that they probably couldn't get away with on AMC. I recommend both the show and the book. I am not buying the print version, I just got the ebook on my tablet and it is much easier to read.

The Walking Dead: Compendium One
By Robert Kirkman