So I was saving for a Sony NEX-7 for awhile but I found an open box NEX-5R at Best Buy for half price and I just had to get it. I have been looking at the NEX series ever since Trey Ratcliff at Stuck in Customs switched from Nikon to the NEX-7. I am excited to take my camera out to more places and more often since this camera is so small but takes DSLR quality photos. It has a remote camera app where I can change settings and get a live view on my android phone. It can also send the full sized photos to my phone for easy sharing. I have recently switched to using Google+ for my photo sharing and using a service called Friends+Me that takes that post and pushes it to my facebook, twitter, tumblr, and linkedin. I then post a cropped square version to my instagram which then shares to my flickr. I also post right here to my blog. So I post my photos 3 times and it goes out to 8 places. If you have a better way to do this, let me know. The last couple photos I have posted are from this new camera, shared to my phone, edited in snapseed and then sent out to google+, instagram and my blog as mentioned before. I hope you enjoy the extra quality and I hope to start doing some cool videos whenever I get AfterEffects and Premiere.