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Revenge of the Fallen

The movie was great. I saw it at the midnight premiere. I had to sit in the 2nd row though. It was packed. Sitting so close to the action made my eyes hurt, but it was worth it. The movie inspired me to make a transformers style logo for myself.
i found a tutorial to simulate the blending modes at

[caption id="attachment_277" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Rileybot logo"]Rileybot logo[/caption]

my current situation

I am working a lot more at Cell City now. I am making all the stuff for their new satellite company. So it's kind of a part time job, which has led me to another possible part time job. Hopefully, these 2 jobs will work together.

I need to start getting money to save up for when I move in with my girlfriend. We have everything we need for moving in day. I just need to have a steady job to sign a lease. I also need to build my credit up, because I don't have any.

My girlfriend is on a cruise right now. I never thought i could miss anyone this much. Time flows differently without her.

While her and her family are gone, I am watching their cat. I watched 2 other cats last weekend. So I guess I am a cat sitter now. If you have any pets that need fed while you're gone and you live in or around Des Moines, Iowa, I am the man.


I am done with college. Looking for steady job. I have most of my work up on here now. I am putting some photography on my brand new Flickr page. Check it out.

Portfolio Day

I have my portfolio day this Thursday at the Science Center of Iowa. I am in the graphic design program at Des Moines Area Community College. So I have been uploading some of my work on here that isn't in my real portfolio. Hopefully I can add some more by Thursday. Once I get all my work on here then I will start posting some other things that I am interested in. Then I want to get a new template to design. Also I am having trouble getting paragraph breaks after pictures on my portfolio page. I've searched it and I guess other people have had the same issue. I figured out how to do it, but they just get erased again when I add anything new. Oh well, there are more important things right now. I will probably write here again in two weeks, because I will be out of school and possibly job hunting.


I want to get to work on this website, but I have been really busy.

Hopefully once I am done with school I will actually put some work on here and redesign this.

If you want to see some of my old work check out myspace.