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SEP Homecoming Parade

SEP Homecoming Parade

We went to the SEP Homecoming Parade down the street from our house and Ryker filled his bucket with candy. There was a beautiful sunset too!

my current situation

I am working a lot more at Cell City now. I am making all the stuff for their new satellite company. So it's kind of a part time job, which has led me to another possible part time job. Hopefully, these 2 jobs will work together.

I need to start getting money to save up for when I move in with my girlfriend. We have everything we need for moving in day. I just need to have a steady job to sign a lease. I also need to build my credit up, because I don't have any.

My girlfriend is on a cruise right now. I never thought i could miss anyone this much. Time flows differently without her.

While her and her family are gone, I am watching their cat. I watched 2 other cats last weekend. So I guess I am a cat sitter now. If you have any pets that need fed while you're gone and you live in or around Des Moines, Iowa, I am the man.