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Book of the Month: The Human Face of Big Data

Book of the Month: The Human Face of Big Data

This is a giant coffee table book that I slowly read over the course of about 3 months. It has its own app that is interactive with the book and plays videos if you hold your phone over the photos. It is like a giant hardcover magazine with different stories on every other page with large photos and infographics. I got it at a book sale for $3 and it was a total steal.

Now if I can only find a bookshelf to fit this on...

The Human Face of Big Data
By Rick Smolan, Jennifer Erwitt

Book of the Month: Earth (the Book): A Vi​sitor's Guide to the Human Race

Earth (the Book): A Viitor's Guide to the Human Race is a hilarious book written by the Daily Show team. I laughed out loud a couple times which happens rarely for me even with the Daily Show and books that are funny. I picked this up for $8 at a Barnes & Noble a year ago and I just finished it. Check it out!

Book of the Month: The Paleo Diet

My mom gave me this book for christmas, among others, off of my wishlist. I just finished it 2 minutes ago and it has convinced me to get a little stricter in my diet and exercise. 

I read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf about a year ago after listening to his Paleo Solution podcast for awhile. I started the diet pretty slowly over the course of a couple months. I had been gluten free for a couple months after a doctor diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis and prescribed 4 pills a day. I figured out that I didn't suffer the symptoms when I went gluten free and even more so after cleaning up my diet to paleo standards. Anyways, in that book he recommended this book as a resource, so I finally got it a year later. This is one of the first books on paleo. It originally came out in 2002, but this is an updated 2010 version. The newer version includes some of Dr. Cordain's updated stances on certain foods. He originally listed canola oil as a healthy oil, but has changed based on newer research. The book goes over the course of human history and the foods we evolved on. He explains how the agricultural revolution introduced new foods like dairy and grains that we weren't designed to eat. And in the 10,000 years since, most of us do not have the gut to deal with these foods. I have lost more than 20 lbs in the last year and it was extremely easy. I love food and I was never hungry. I basically eat some good protein, lots of veggies, some fruits and nuts and then treat myself to the occasional coffee, dark chocolate and wine. I would really recommend this book along with The Paleo Solution. You will lose fat, get healthy, be happier and live longer!

How a Squirrel Makes a Friend - Children's Book

How a Squirrel Makes a Friend - Children's Book

This is a book I made in high school for a creative writing class. Originally it was made by cutting out colored construction paper, but I decided to re-draw it a couple years ago for my cousin Kelly.