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Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox

This month I attempted to do a sugar detox. I limited myself to less than 2 pieces of fruit a day and tried to cut out all sugar. I gave in 3 separate times to small pieces of chocolate and I had a sip of orange juice a couple times.

I don't see much change in the photos. Some bloat went away. I noticed a change mentally. I had less energy spikes and dips throughout the day. I could concentrate better. I could also get by with less meals in a day. I rarely had intense hunger, although that is mostly due to my paleo diet.

I plan on keeping my sugar low from now on. I need to not buy any dark chocolate and only have sweets once a week at the most. There is a whole guide to it if you want to try. I didn't read it, but the idea inspired me. I hope I inspire you to set a goal today!

February Sugar Detox Before/After