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Appleberry Orchard

I went to Appleberry Farm in Marshalltown, Iowa yesterday and took a bunch of photos on my phone. I edited them in snapseed on the road trip back and got some pretty good shots. 

The Orchard

The Baby

This is an apple. 

This is a wet apple

OOO a green apple

Mt. Leaf

The Bokeh

Appleberry Panorama


These are photos from July 4th in 2008. I used my Canon 30D and shot some fireworks directly above me. These are all re-edits for my instragram

Hickory Hills Organic Farm

Last weekend I toured Hickory Hills Organic Farm with my Des Moines Paleo group. We saw all the animals and then got to buy straight from the source. The chickens, hogs and cows are treated very humanely. They are actually ranked between category 4 and 5 on the USDA's humane scale You can talk to Ben at the Des Moines Farmer's Market.  The roasts are perfect and the brats are the best I have ever had.